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Jonette Slabey founded ArtQuest, Inc. in 1984 as a forum to expose
emerging and established artists to some of the most prominent
curators and directors from the finest art institutions in the country. 
Once the artists were selected, ArtQuest initiated a three-part process
to enthusiastically promote them through color catalogs of their work,
traveling video exhibits and major exhibitions.

ArtQuest experienced stellar growth in four years, expanding its
offerings from one major exhibition in Los Angeles the first year to a
five-month traveling exhibition in Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia;
the full color catalog grew to feature two hundred artists, as opposed to
eighty-four artists the first year, with commentary by critic Melinda Wortz;
the traveling video exhibit venues more than doubled; cash and purchase
awards were increased to $10,000; and a special preview day prior to
the jurors assembling assured thousands of artists exposure and
connections to art dealers, consultants, architects and designers.

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