Jonette Slabey is a true collaborator who skillfully marries the museum world with design and commerce, bringing over 25 years experience in related fields to her service-oriented company. 

Prior to conceiving and coordinating ‘Biedermeier Inspired’, she spent fifteen years with textile firm AST.  Responsible for sales and marketing in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas contract markets, she established invaluable contacts with world renowned design firms and other manufacturing companies. 

In 1984, Jonette Slabey founded and was executive director of the original ArtQuest, Inc. after serving as director of an international art competition concurrent with the Los Angeles Summer Olympics.  Slabey’s innovative company became known for assembling jury panels of the most prominent curators and directors from the finest art institutions in the country. 

Dedicated to introducing and vigorously promoting emerging and established artists to museums, galleries, art dealers and consultants, Slabey produced ArtQuest ’85, ArtQuest ’86, ArtQuest ’87 and ArtQuest ’88.  The addition of Artists’ Liaison and Galleries Elect under the ArtQuest, Inc. umbrella provided a forum for her company to place artists in more than two hundred private and university galleries throughout the country. Continual marketing resulted in countless additional exhibitions, publicity and new contacts; over a thousand artists’ careers were assisted in a mere four years.

Slabey honed her collaborative skills as an art educator for six years, four of those years in Melbourne, Australia.  Serving on a panel that designed and implemented a city-wide art curriculum throughout the Melbourne public school system, she also initiated and launched a school-wide health awareness program as well as a successful breakfast program for students in need.

It was in Melbourne and later Perth that Slabey’s career as a working,
exhibiting artist began and, after living in Java and Bali, subsequent
travels throughout Southeast Asia lead her to Los Angeles where she
opened a fiber arts studio.  The art of Jonette Slabey is represented in
numerous international public and private collections and selected
publications featuring her work include the Los Angeles Times and
Interior Design

Slabey is a founding Advisory Board member for the Interior Design
department at the Art Institute in Santa Monica, California, professional
affiliations have included ASID and NEWH, and she has served on
fundraising committees for the American Heart Association and Juvenile
Diabetes Research Foundation. Through Jonette Slabey & Associates,
she continues to develop and turn her creative marketing ideas into
reality through collaborative partnerships with a vast, ever-growing
global network.

Jonette Slabey was instrumental in the execution of two licensing agreements for the Milwaukee Art Museum, related to our exhibition Biedermeier: The Invention of Simplicity. These agreements would not have been possible without Jonette's knowledge and connections in the interior design industry. It was her imagination, her conception, and her legwork that led to the dialogue and interest with both Brintons and Architex. From concept to launch of the Biedermeier product lines, Jonette was actively engaged in every aspect of the process: contributing her knowledge , creativity, and "can do" energy to what will be a profitable licensing venture for the museum and both design firms.

Gwen Benner
Senior Director, Business Enterprises
Milwaukee Art Museum