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Artists’ Liaison was formed in 1985 under the umbrella of ArtQuest, Inc.
to promote sales of artists’ works by connecting them with commercial
galleries that could best represent each artist’s particular style.  This
ambitious and complex program provided artists with innumerable
opportunities for national recognition and valuable professional contacts.

Eight California galleries participated in the inaugural Artists’ Liaison,
twenty California galleries the second year, culminating in its third and
final year to include over twenty private gallery exhibitions in the
Chicago area as well as California.  A prominent jury panel was added,
a major exhibition of their choices was mounted at the Evanston Art
Center, and a nationally circulated full-color catalog of chosen artists’
work introduced more than 300 artists to new audiences.

The marketing and promotional role that Slabey’s organization played
was important to artists and those with whom they were connected. 
Numerous one person exhibitions resulted from the exposure Artists
Liaison provided and indeed, some galleries found it necessary to
schedule a second exhibition to accommodate the wealth of talent they
had discovered through the program.

The jury process was not an easy one.  It took place in
Los Angeles and Chicago and the process was taxing. 
Jonette Slabey and the staff of Artists’ Liaison are to be
commended for their organizational skill and maneuvering
of materials between the two cities.

Martha Winans Slaughter
Evanston Art Center